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Emerald reflects plans for a clean and healthy tomorrow. With an open suburban setting in the midst of lush meadows, rich gardens and swaying trees, we offer an aesthetic getaway with our sustainable ventures and plantations.


Our community spaces are dedicated to serve the welfare of our society. A fitness centre to keep your mind and body in a healthy sync, along with other attractive features such as our energetic daycare facility that offers ease for the overworked guardians, and complete fun for the kids.

LBL Cover

We prioritize your health and wellbeing. As a part of our community centre, we have plans that will support the medical loads of our residents. A scheme you will be able to trust and rely on at times of need.

Cycle Track

Nested in the lush green and serene gardens, are built cycling tracks for you and all, breathe in the fresh air and let your mind wander around in peace.


A hub that connects knowledge seekers with the experts of the profession. A modern state-of-the-art facility that enables you to yield the full heights of your potential, from our tech geniuses, handcrafted artisans and trainers in diverse disciplines.

Land Trust Model

LBL-Emerald Plans to launch a venture, a lifelong affordable housing plan that would be a community-controlled organization that retains ownership of the land and sells or rents the housing on that land to high achievers of the society.

Top-up Shelter

Coming from out of the city or country? No need to fret or look anywhere else, book our spaces for a day or more with our schemes that facilitate you and your family. We shelter your visits and travels with luxurious features and amenities.

24/7 Protection

Our security team will be there for your disposal round the clock. Securing you and your loved ones from all emergencies at all times.

Sustainable Grid

Providing a smart supply of electricity to all of the residents and community. Providing a 24/7 electric supply, Emerald Lounge has a foolproof plan prepared to make sure there is complete comfort for the people

Smart Backup

Our schemes accommodate all emergency situations. With generator backups to secure your work and tasks of the day, be assured and at ease.

Family Meadows

Plan a family leisure stroll or a picnic, at our lush and blooming gardens. Where the trees shadow you during the day while the fresh blowing wind keeps the air crisp.

A Fun Getaway

Emerald Lounge prioritizes family and the bonding time spent with them. The kids too tired from a long school day. Bring them for an evening stroll, or a fun day spent at the park to hear their booming laughter resonate all around.