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We are a group of likeminded investors, developers and real estate consultants who will buy a land for housing project development. We would love you to join us!

We get why you might ask that (it’s certainly an ambitious proposal!), but no, this is not a scam. LBL Inc. will be incorporated in Pakistan with the specific goal of investing in real estate and developing it for commercial use. Our investors’ shares are protected under Pakistan law, and though we cannot guarantee returns, we strive daily to create value for our shareholders.

We have multiple land options located in Pakistan. The first land is near Islamabad International Airport, Pakistan and the second option is near Pir Sohawa, Pakistan.  All the options are easily accessible and ready for development.

We are seeking a manageable test case for this first endeavor. This is an unproven venture, and knowing the risks involved we want to minimize the hurdles we need to overcome to reach profitability. Setting our sights on more affordable locations allows us to be more widely attractive to investors, and keeps us operating within our means, not beyond them.

Our aim is to eventually deliver a return on investment for our shareholders. We are working at business models for short and long term plans for our land. We have a long list of ideas, with our ultimate aim being to build a living community.

This will depend on the development stage of the land. Once we finalize the deal of the land, the investors will be invited to check it out followed by the development updates for the investors.

We like to think we are a group of like minded individuals who value real estate investments. We have so far had investor meetups in Pakistan.

Not quite, but we are signing up investors steadily and still have shares available for those who want to join us.

Our shares are 55.6M USD. Our business model aims to attract no more than 150 shareholders. This represents a manageable group size to communicate with. Nevertheless, we will be providing some alternative opportunities for people who want to support us financially but don’t want to buy a share in the company.